We are A digital communication agency based in Rosario.

We create projects for brands with a vision of the future. Together we are going to make much noise.

Jobs The companies which trust Truena.

We present case studies to judge for yourself the tasks we carry out with each client and the results achieved.

Services We do all this


Graphic design

We trace the identity of your brand


Social media

We plan content to position your brand on Social Networks.


Campaigns in Google Adwords

We create effective advertising campaigns to make your company visible.


Community Management

We manage your online presence and generate a community around your brand.


Advertising on Facebook Ads

We develop plans according to your objectives.


Instagram advertising

We carry out strategies that bring you closer to your customers.

Web design

We transfer your identity to the WWW so you don't miss any sales opportunities.

Email Marketing

We create email campaigns to promote your news.


We share what we know.

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