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A real estate agent cannot be left out of the digital market. Alagna Propiedades was already on search portals, we worked on its digital channels to expand the reach of its website, social networks and email marketing.

September 2019 - Present



We analysed the medium and concluded that the competition used their networks as a digital showcase, repeating the strategy of traditional media. However, we decided to give it a narrative twist and tell stories in its publications.

We also prioritise the image quality of each property and begin to use other resources such as aerial photography, 360° images and professional videos.


In the first six months of work, engagement on social networks rose by 50%, receiving an average of 250 monthly queries. Their followers doubled, their reach increased from 50,720 to 193,663 people, and they received more than 11,000 web visits per month. And these statistics translate into concrete sales!

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