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Digital Presence

Elevating Estates: Alagna Properties Reimagined. Step into the realm of real estate reinvention with Alagna Propiedades, where our digital prowess breathed new life into their presence.

Timeline: September 2019 - 2020



In a digital age, a real estate agent's presence is non-negotiable. While Alagna Propiedades was already present on search portals, we embarked on a journey to expand their digital footprint. Analyzing the market landscape, we noticed competitors treating their networks merely as digital showcases.

Our approach? A narrative twist. We transformed each publication into a story, prioritizing engaging content. To enhance property visibility, we prioritized image quality and introduced innovative elements such as aerial photography, 360° images, and professional videos.


The impact was transformative. In the initial six months, Social Media engagement surged by 50%, attracting an average of 250 queries monthly. Alagna's followers doubled, extending their reach from 50,720 to an impressive 193,663 people. The website witnessed over 11,000 monthly visits. These staggering statistics were not just numbers; they translated into concrete sales. Join us in reshaping the narrative of real estate at Alagna Propiedades, where every story told is a key to unlocking success. Ready to redefine your real estate journey? Contact us and step into a world of digital excellence.

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