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Visual Identity

Embark on a visual journey with Étnia, a local design startup that sought more than just good branding. 
We were architects of their brand, corporate image, and visual identity,
meticulously defining every aspect from the name to aesthetic details, packaging, and marketing channels.
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Timeline: September 2019 - February 2020



Étnia needed to be more than a design startup; it needed to be a cultural touchstone. We positioned the brand with a professional feed, incorporating unique handmade illustrations that bestowed it with a distinctive personality.

Deep-diving into the client profile, we strategically focused on Instagram as a sales platform.


In just six months since its inception, the Étnia account organically reached 2.5k followers. We cultivated a connected and interactive audience, sparking engagement through polls and votes on stories. Beyond sales, Étnia became a space where women from the entire region found a sense of belonging. By encouraging them to share their unique looks, we not only humanized sales but also built a vibrant online community within the youthful segment. Join us on this visual odyssey with Étnia, where design transcends aesthetics to become a cultural statement.

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