Welcome to Truena a dynamic agency evolving hand in hand with technology's rapid pace.

We don't just conceive ideas; we transform them into impactful projects. Guided by transparent methodologies, we place our clients and their aspirations at the forefront. Recognizing the pivotal role of communication in growth, we adopt collaborative and interdisciplinary approaches.


Founded by two visionary sisters, Truena takes pride in our close-knit and personalised approach to every project we undertake. Fuelled by innovative strategies, we consistently produce authentic and unforgettable results. At Truena, our unwavering commitment lies in catalyzing positive change for our clients. We provide quality solutions that not only meet but surpass the challenges posed by innovation, ensuring your journey with us is marked by excellence and transformation.

Tomás Isaias

Photographer - Drone Expert

Fabricio Passinato

Web and App Developer

María Gracia Martin

Marketing Executive - CMM

Enzo Polastrelli

Brand and Design Specialist

Lucas Cardinalli

Photographer - Editor


Rocio Larroucau

Art Director - Creative Design


Soledad Larroucau

Project Manager - Marketing Strategist

Luciana Larroucau

Project Manager - Industrial Engineering Lead


At Truena, our team consists of freelance professionals who come together for each project based on the client's needs. This ensures a commitment to achieving your goals with an experienced team focused on delivering results. Reach out to us to secure specialists tailored to elevate your business.

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