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Tándem Publicidad is an agency with 30 years of experience in Rosario. However, they had not entered the digital world until we arrived! We carry out consultancies, social media management and online marketing for some of their clients. These are some of the results.

Septiembre 2017 - october 2022



The agency needed to commit to significant changes in its structure to get into the digital market, sell advertisements and creativities, and manage media online.

We advise designers to work together, adapting creative strategies for each social network, we carry out ad management and much more. Thus, traditional clients in agriculture or construction managed to position themselves in social networks and have a digital presence.


In each client, we find a new challenge. For example, Soy Lolachain of perfumeries wanted to position itself as the best known in Rosario. So we started a cycle of monthly campaigns. Every 30 days they change their concept and carry out raffles together with big brands and substantial advertising investment. As a result, they went from 5,000 followers to more than 40,000 in two years of uninterrupted work.

Brimax Argentinaan HCCA brick factory, had to position itself in the market before beginning to market its products. We did it with a solid digital marketing campaign, sending newsletters and creatives based on the international market (2017-2018). We also accompanied Mío Desarrollo Urbano in brand positioning,Sipcam Argentina for a product launch, and we developed content for Seguros Atlantic y Alfalfas WL , among other consultancies.

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