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SMM and Email Mkt

Social Media Management and Email Marketing for Tándem Publicidad: Embarking on a digital journey with a seasoned agency like Tándem Publicidad (with 30 years in Rosario) was a challenge we embraced wholeheartedly. From strategic consultations to managing social media and online marketing for their clients, we orchestrated a transformation. Our results tell a compelling story.

Septiembre 2017 - 2020



Revolutionizing Tándem's structure for a robust entry into the digital market, we orchestrated campaigns, managed ads, and more.

Collaborating with designers, we adapted creative strategies for each social network, enabling traditional clients in agriculture and construction to thrive in the digital realm.


Every client posed a unique challenge. For instance, Soy Lola, a Cosmetics Boutique Chain, aspired to be Rosario's best-known. Initiating a monthly campaign cycle, we changed concepts regularly, conducted joint raffles with renowned brands, and made substantial advertising investments. The outcome? A remarkable growth from 5,000 to over 50,000 followers in two years.

Similarly, for Brimax Argentina,an HCCA brick factory, we positioned them in the market through a robust digital marketing campaign. We assisted Mío Desarrollo Urbano in brand positioning, supportedSipcam Argentina in a fertilizer product launch, and crafted compelling content for consultancies with Seguros Atlantic an insurance company, and Alfalfas WL a seed technology provider, among other consultancies.

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